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Drunk Meter:


Players: 2-10

1 Deck of Cards


Game Play/Rules

Take out jokers and shuffle the cards.

Spread cards around on the table face down.

Going around in a circle each player randomly selects a card from the pile one at a time.

Each card has a meaning as follows:

2 Is category. Player picks a category of anything, each person then names something relating to that-EXAMPLE- drawer says Jeans others would say Levis, Calvin Klein etc. any repeats or cant think of anything takes 1 drink.

3 is Give 3 drinks to any player.

4 is Whores. Girls drink.

5 is Take 5 drinks.

6 is Dicks. Guys drink.

7 ahead. Person ahead of you drinks 1.

8 is the PISS card. You can only go to bathroom if you have one. HOLD ON TO IT TIL END OF GAME! You'll need it! If you don't have the card it's five drinks to use the bathroom.

9 is bust a Rhyme. Player says a word each player must then say something that rhymes that word. First player who repeats or is stumped drinks 1.

10 is Thumbmaster. The person who draws this card is the "Thumbmaster" until someone else draws another 10. The Thumbmaster can put his/hers thumb on the table at any time during the game and the last person to do so has to drink.

Jack is Back. The person behind you drinks 1.

Queen is Social. Cheers! Everyone take 1 drink.

King makes a rule. Player picks a rule that lasts the whole game. ex: No first names, only use your left hand to drink, or perhaps the DDD rule. Can't say drink drank or drunk if anyone does they drink.

Ace is Waterfall. Everyone starts chugging. You can only stop when the person ahead of you has. The person who drew the card is only one who can stop 1st.