Fuck The Dealer - King's Cup Rules Drinking Game Rules

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Players: 3+

1 Deck of Cards


Game Play/Rules

The Game Name says it all. This is Fuck the Dealer, with King's Cup Rules in effect.

The basic rules for Fuck the Dealer apply. Dealer starts with the deck face down and whoever is to the left of the dealer guesses first.

If they guess correctly on their first try, dealer takes 10 drinks. If they guess wrong, dealer says higher or lower, based on the guess and the correct card. On the second guess, if they get it right, dealer takes 5 drinks. If they get it wrong, dealer reveals the card, and guesser takes the amount of drinks they were off by.

Example) First guess of 7 is wrong, dealer says higher. Second guess of 10 is wrong. The card was a Jack. That is one card higher, so guesser takes 1 drink.

In order for the dealer to pass it on to the next person (to his/her left) they must get 3 people in a row to not guess the card. Towards the bottom of the deck, it gets much harder for 3 people in a row, thus the name "Fuck the Dealer." One last rule, once all 4 of a card have been used, then those cards are turned over and a "social" drink takes place.

Now, for the King's Cup Rules part. This is a little variation we added to the game to keep everybody involved. Once the dealer has showed the card, then whatever action that card indicates must be done. You can use the King's Cup Rules that you commonly use or you can use ours if you like. Here's ours.

2 - Two is for you. Whoever is the guesser will pick somebody to take a drink.

3 - Three is for me. Whoever is the guesser will take a drink.

4 - Four is for whores. All the girls at the table take a drink.

5 - Five is hand jive. Guesser starts this by doing something with their hands (for example clapping or waving). Next person to the left repeats, then adds something of their own. Keep going around until somebody messes up, then they drink.

6 - Six is for dicks. All the guys at the table drink.

7 - Seven is heaven. Everybody gets to drink. "Social"

8 - Eight is pick a mate. Pick somebody that has to drink every time you have to drink.

9 - Nine is rhyme time. Guesser starts with a word or phrase, and everybody has to come up with a new word or phrase that rhymes until somebody messes up, then they have to drink

10 - 10 is categories. Guesser picks a category and everybody has to name something in the category until somebody messes up.

Jack - Jack is I Never. Everybody holds up a hand (5 fingers). Go around the table doing I Never, starting with the guesser, putting down a finger for every I Never. Once somebody puts down all fingers, they drink.

Queen - Queen is Questions. Guesser starts questions. Try to ask the most absurd question you can think of and stare at the person you ask. If they can't think of a question or make a face at your question, they drink.

King - King is make a rule. Guesser makes a rule.

Ace - Ace is waterfall. Start with the guesser. Guesser gets to pick the direction the waterfall will go in.