Horse Race Drinking Game Rules

Drunk Meter:


Players: 4+

1 Deck of Cards


Game Play/Rules

Take all 4 aces out of the deck and place them in a horizontal line near the end of the table.

Deal 6 cards face down in a vertical line on each side of the lined-up aces, so you have almost a "U" shape with the aces at the bottom.

Each person picks a suit. More than one person can choose a particular suit, it doesn't matter. The ace with a particular suit is the "horse" for that suit. One by one, the cards on the sides are turned face up, and every time a certain suit appears, that "horse" is moved up one space. The winner is the first horse to make it past the top row of the side cards.

Players wager a certain number of drinks on their horse, which they can give out at the end of the race if they win. The losers must drink double the number of drinks that they wagered, in addition to the drinks given out by the winner. Players can also make side bets among themselves if they want. This game is great when you have a bunch of people since it gets people cheering for their horses as if it were a real race, and people end up drinking a pretty fair amount.